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Hello world!

Lovers, Dreamers, intellectuals and pragmatists Unite!!!!!

Welcome to the musings of a few wayward souls.

Love is not a science it’s an art, and being able to broaden dialogue on such a intriguing topic is the goal of this site. I’ve seen a lot of dictates out there on how things ought to be done, but honestly a person can’t really outline any rules in permanent marker before entering such strange territory.  Sometimes relationships (or interactions as I commonly like to refer to them) are simple- like a two  lane highway- you either go North or South.  Oftentimes, however, relationships can be  complicated labyrinths;  you think you’re heading in the right direction to come smack dab into a dead end. Some of the goals of this site is to discuss these wrong turns, sudden splits and dead ends from multiple perspectives. We believe that two things can grossly impact the outcome of any experience: preconceived notions and expectations. This site will not help you find love- in fact no site (in our humble opinion) can help you do that- no matter what the claims or success rates are. It’s foolish for a site to offer to help you find something that is not lost. Where did it go–this love? It is in our humble opinion that you have it in you and thus it only needs to be honed and shared at your discretion.

We want to discuss these and other matters with you. Myself and my co-blogger are looking forward to engaging in debates, offering advice, and bringing new and fresh perspectives to the table. Thank you for dropping by and Welcome to Love and all the in betweens