Is Marriage stupid?

Ok…so there’s this video below. The young man, Jerry, pretty much spells out to viewers his unabashed aversion to the concept of marriage. When I first watched it, all I did was laugh at his vulgarity. The second time I watched I noticed an inconsistency, but please view this yourself: 

His main point is marriage doesn’t change a relationship. It won’t make it better or worse so why do it? He asks, “why get married if you are already my girlfriend, we have sex, etc.?”

The thing is…

If the distinctions such as marriage are irrelevant, why am Inot just a “friend?” Apparently the “girlfriend” title differentiates the relationship. So perhaps “husband” or “wife” is another differentiation that inculcates a different set of beliefs, attitudes, etc.

For some of his reasons, he is right. There is an economic benefit. If one’s boyfriend/girlfriend has wealth and dies, the bf/gf is not entitled to it, even if they were dating for 50 years.

Also marriage just denotes a more intense level of commitment. I mean what’s the difference between a high schooler’s boyfriend and a couple who have been bf-gf for 20 years?

On paper…you have the same thing especially in Louisiana (where Jerry is from) under Napoleonic Code, which doesn’t recognize common law situations.

The funniest part for me is when he starts critiquing weddings saying, ” The guy is just there, and the girl is walking down the isle like she’s the pope.”

He’s right! I think most weddings are overdone and err to ridiculous. I mean really, though? It really is not a fairytale and people need to get real.

On that note, I totally agree with him.

However, life is short so why not celebrate?


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