Waking Up and Realizing You Dont Want to be Alone Anymore

Well, who hasn’t done this.  Or who hasn’t gone to bed pining over the elusive love and wandering when their grand ole ship will sail in. It’s timeless and in some cases gets to be quite pathetic.  It gets to be soo insanely out of control that they’ve made repeated bad movies and sung songs that mirror the same theme  of finding that missing link. Of course in movies, 80% of the protagonists get their gal or guy, but in songs there never really is an ending-simply snapshots into moments when people realize they’ve had “certain” feelings.  I’m a bit temperamental when it comes to love. Sometimes, I’m resigned to remain a stone cold bastion of solitude. Never, would I want to be the weak and driveling mess of a woman that I’ve so often seen around me. Women calling men who used to tell them that they loved them or rifling through fb pictures to see what new chick in the coop.  Or women so desperate that they fling themselves into the arms of any Tom, Dick or Harry. Newsflash…no one will ever love you more than you. For those of you who have found a lover who professes unconditional love and showers you daily with much deserved affection= congratulations; but for those of us who haven’t …starting with self love can’t hurt.

Self-Love, is perhaps, one of the most complicated elements in life many of us will ever have to deal. You are, in essence, in a relationship with yourself: thoughts, actions, emotions etc. The dualistic nature of being is perhaps an age old discussion on the emotionality of humans—and if you buy that life has only a two pronged appeal,  then more power to you ( it sure does make thinking a helluva lot simplistic). Thinking of the negative and positive forces warring in your head is a quick way to rule out the In-betweens .

Fast Forwarding past the musings. If you are ready for love—like I think I somewhat am…in the sense of opening up your little space to accomadate a significant other. The journey will not be fast so don’t be too hasty.  I am beyond a doubt a screener. Once in a while it’s okay to leave the screen at home and go beyond a sentence or three–before deciding this person is not worth your time.

Leave the mental baggage at home…dont bring the self-esteem issues with you to the game zone. That is something that you deal with in training…if you haven’t dealth with it yet…then you’re just not ready. Relish the hunt…A few months ago, I may have been writing about stars lighting up in your eyes when you meet the one; but nay…the game is not as bountiful as one would imagine. There are men…but the type that you want are more than likely in demand (at least if it’s the intellectual, funny, considerate type).

and lastly, admitting to yourself that you’re ready is the first step…putting yourself out there (NOT to be confused with putting out) is the task.  

Lastly, enjoy the moment.


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